General Info! For more information about this cycling race, please go on our web site: CUP OF DOLTCINI in BANSKO and RAZLOG
Info about Blue Line: 8 LAPS x 15,65 km = 125 km
In blue line have only left turn between three Locations (Razlog town, Bansko town, and Banya village).
In the three lap in STAGE1 on the sign of Bansko will have "climbers premium". Additional details and information in the rules.
In lap 2, lap 4 and lap 6 in Razlog town will be a premium for activity. After the riders finish the 8th lap continue to the finish. It will be located in front of the building of the Municipality Razlog.

Altitude Elevation laps map
- Official Start
- Neotral Route to 0km
- 0km - Real Start line
- Race Route
- KOM (GPM) - only in 3rd lap / Points: 3:2:1
- Level crossing
- Left side - Green zone for waste
- Intermediate Sprint
- Finish
- Diviations after last lap for team car

TOTAL: 125 km

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